Something Unspoken

by Yöta

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released September 1, 2015

Written / Performed by Yöta (acoustic guitar, wannabe-percussion, vocals, lyrics) except:
Yonatan Kossov - keyboards
BeatCoin - alto saxophone ('Uncanny')

Recorded at Bardo Studios / Jaffa Sound Arts
Mixed by Yonatan Kossov at Jaffa Sound Arts
Mastered by Michael Fossenkemper at TurtleTone Studio NYC

Original artwork by Yöta & POLEVOY v 3.0 / PHOTOGRAPHER



all rights reserved


Yöta Israel

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Track Name: Tides

As the tide is rising I'm back on track
I'm used to realizing that every absence is a lack
I'm just a part of this wreckage, but I'm OK
Choosing to absorb the damage, to give myself away
And as the winds are blowing, as the winds are blowing
I'm staring in the darkness just knowing just knowing just knowing you are there

As the storm is coming I breathe again
All of us are castaways in the end
But if you only let me touch your scars
I'd love'em till you tell me I went too far
But I have a feeling that tonight
I'm gonna send some shivers down your spine

As the tide is lowering I watch the boats
Longing for some warm embrace, little shaky dots
On this god damn dirty canvas of my memory
It's hard to love the ocean, but that's my way to be free
And as the winds are slowing the shoreline's suffocating
I'm waiting I'm waiting I'm waiting for the waters to come back
Track Name: Borderlinks
To Bracha


Where have you been all these years
Mixing paint colors in your studio
Writing your books
Swimming against the flow

Teach me your language, teach me how
To squeeze the essence from out of focus
These borderlinks, these scars are here to call us, oh

‘Cause I remember
When I was a child
I was so free, I couldn’t tell good from bad
And in my temple
I prayed for love to be too strong
For me to bear it on my own
And then I kissed the walls good night and went to bed

Where have I been all these years
Coming up with dead rhymes
Running to nowhere
Shooting into the air

Teach me your language, lead me astray
I’m like that killer whale trapped in a bay
But please, please lead me astray
Track Name: Clean

It's seeping through my shriveling skin
I feel that I'm too clean to come to terms with myself
I'm breaking like a branch under the wind's touch
I know one day it's gonna be too much

I let it in under my surrendered skin
It fills my lungs with warm vibrations to the brim
All the doors are shut, I'm in a closed world
I know one day it's gonna be over

I let it go as if nothing happened
As everything around me is coming to an end
Transparent as I am I'm taking off my peel
This vessel without thoughts is everything that's real
Track Name: Uncanny (feat. BeatCoin)

It was snowy
No silhouette in sight
I knocked at your door and saw you
God you were so beautiful that night

We started talking
To keep our bodies warm
I wasn't in the mood so I told you
Let's say that it's your turn
To tell me something that is none of my concern

It was rainy
No way to get away
You knocked at his door and saw him
God you were so innocent that day

You loved each other
On a dirty floor
But suddenly you felt uncanny
You grabbed your stuff and slammed the door
You couldn't stay there anymore

You were eleven
Your father wasn't rude
He just wasn't in the mood so he told you
Won't you make you daddy feel good

He smelled familiar
You knew you were doing right
But you started avoiding mirrors
And reading in dim light
You were ok, you never cried, no

That was the last time
I ever saw her face
But every time I love you on the floor I feel uncanny
As if my guts were out of place

And when the mirrors
Return their gaze to me
I have a choking feeling in my throat
I dim the lights and see
Myself caught in a vicious circle of someone's fallacy
Track Name: Weightless

You see the clouds dissolving
Like an ice-cream ball in your arms, and your thoughts
Are carried away, they are weightless
What a wonderful relief

You heard the rocky mountains whisper
They said everything is worth trying as long as you believe it's so
So would you wait for me tell me
Would you wait for me

When I'm away
When I'm away
When I'm away
When I'm away

I love the way of thinking
Of a road as a part of yourself, don't you see
It echoes our heartbeat
It blisters when we break

You know the words don't ever reach me
They just get lost under my feet
So talk to me with gestures
Let your body speak

When I am near
When I am near
When I am near
When I am near

Please stop praying for rain, for peace, for love
'Cause every cycle is closed in its time
Just take all of these and make'em your own
Make'em your own
And as the winds are slowing
The shoreline's suffocating
You're waiting, you're waiting for the waters to come back